About Us

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Oxygen Conservation was founded with the aim of tackling the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse. We do this by Scaling Conservation across the UK.

We invest directly in the acquisition of land to protect and restore natural processes. Storing carbon, providing space for nature, and delivering positive environmental and social impacts. This in turn produces a range of natural capital products and services, which we use to fund the acquisition and restoration of more land, allowing nature to pay to protect itself.


We work in partnership with local communities and groups.

At each of our sites, our team works with a range of stakeholders to agree a set of objectives that are unique to that site.

We work to achieve positive environmental and social impact through a diverse range of activities such as regenerative agriculture, woodland creation, peatland restoration, species reintroduction, renewable energy generation, job creation, sustainable housing development,  and eco-tourism. By taking a holistic approach, each of our projects not only benefit the environment but also contribute to local communities’ social and economic well-being.

Meet the Oxygen Conservation team

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