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From Invergeldie (Perthshire), to Manor Farm (Norfolk), to Cornwall, and the Highlands.

As our site lead, you will play a pivotal role in reshaping traditional land management into a strategic opportunity for sustainable practices and environmental conservation.   

We want to show the world how modern conservation can be delivered. With opportunities across the UK, we’re searching for individuals to spearhead the transformation of these incredible landscapes and take the reins in rewriting the narrative of land management. 

Each site will undergo significant natural capital creation and improvement that is most appropriate to that area. This may include peatland restoration works and native broadleaf woodland creation. We also explore the opportunity for renewable energy projects, both wind and solar, to help in the global fight against climate change.  

You will be the key interface between the central Oxygen Conservation team and key local suppliers, tenants, and wider local community. This role may see you supporting the development of unique ecotourism offerings and/or the (re)development of homes for the local community. No day will be the same, but each will be an adventure.  

Closing date: 03/03/2024

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The adventurer we're looking for:

Do you want to work incredibly hard for people and wildlife, and be able to look back in the years to come knowing that what you did helped in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss?  Do you want to make a meaningful positive impact at a landscape scale? We are looking for someone (and potentially their family) to make a long-term commitment to one of our sites, making it their home and becoming part of a wonderful local community. Specifically, we’re looking for: 


  • Passionate Explorer: Fuelled by a passion for adventure, environmental conservation, and making tangible impact. 
  • Environmental Expertise:  Knowledge in environmental science, conservation, or related fields, acquired through education or hands-on experience. 
  • Exemplary Communication: Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, capable of representing Site and Oxygen Conservation with professionalism and positivity. 
  • Hands-on Experience: Perhaps experience in land management, conservation, or related domains. 
  • Innovative Problem Solver: Ability to think innovatively and creatively to implement sustainable practices and resolve challenges. 
  • Collaborative Relationship Builder: Ability to build collaborative relationships with diverse stakeholders, including landowners, farmers, partners, neighbours, contractors, and regulators. 
  • Exacting Standards: Sharp eye for detail and a deep commitment to delivering exceptional service. 
  • Commitment to Growth: A dedication to continuous personal development and fostering growth within the wider team. 
  • Kindness and Approachability: And of course, you have to be really nice! Sharing snacks on long journeys or a packed lunch whilst out in the rain is mandatory! 


We believe in recruiting exceptional people and creating the role that allows them to do incredible things. We are committed to having a genuinely diverse team drawn from across the country, with a wide range of lived and learnt experiences. You might have skills in some but not all of the areas above. Whatever your skillset, we’d love to hear from you if you think you can make a real difference with Oxygen Conservation and the communities where we’re fortunate to work.  

What we’d love you to do:

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Purpose-Driven Leadership:  contribute to a greater calling – saving a part of the world for the next generation and setting an example for global environmental management. 

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Conservation: Lead landscape improvement by tailoring approaches based on the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the specific site. 

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Community Engagement: Build meaningful partnerships with local communities, neighbours and contractors to preserve and enhance the environment. 

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Project Management: Project manage small and medium-sized work programmes, both conservation and property, managing site budgets, grant applications and contractors.  

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Ecotourism Development: Develop and promote responsible ecotourism initiatives (if appropriate for that site). 

What you need to be awesome

Each role is different. Your location may be different. Your needs might be different. We will work with you to create a role and package that allows you to be incredible. The below details what every role will include, and what we feel every company should provide.

Your resource pack
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    Your Working Environment

    Most of our roles, unless site specific allow you the freedom to work from anywhere in the country, should you need help with this we too will be there to support.

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    Best Teammates

    We always want to ensure every member of the team has the right support needed. We are a tight knit team, always sharing, meeting and working together. Although we work remotely from one another the culture we have shaped allows you to never feel alone.

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    Do What You Love

    If you bring a passion for conservation and a care for the environment, we’ll support you to create your dream role.

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    Tools to Perform

    We will ensure you are provided with the equipment you need to be incredible in your role.

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Our interview process - what to expect

We hire people that are the best at what they do. And just as important as it is to discover if you're a good fit for us, you need to determine if we are a good fit for you.


This is the first step to becoming part of the team. Simply click the ‘Apply Now’ button to complete our application form, and show us how awesome you are!

CV’s are needed, but on their own we don’t feel they tell us enough about who you really are. So, we have listed just a couple of questions to allow us to learn more about you.

2Opportunity to Shine

If your application is successful a member (or two) of the team will have an introductory call with you, to answer any initial questions you may have. After which, if successful, we will set an exciting role specific challenge for you to complete in advance of your interview. An opportunity for us to see you shine.


We hate for this part to be too corporate and regimented. Instead, we will have a relaxed conversation to get to know one another, an opportunity to ask questions and learn more.

We recognise that this process is two way and that you will be interviewing us perhaps even more than we will be interviewing you – we promise that it won’t be a dull process.


We will invite you to meet more of the team so you and them can explore the realities of being a part of Oxygen Conservation. If our passion for what we do aligns with yours and we think you’ll be a great addition, we will invite you to join our growing team. If you love what you’ve learnt we hope you will accept, to be a part of our mission to Scale Conservation.