Creating The Pathways For Private Finance

Spring 2023




Scaling Conservation has become a global imperative as the world faces increasing threats from climate change, pollution, habitat destruction,  and the loss of biodiversity. The need for conservation has never been more urgent, and the stakes have never been higher. But, amidst the challenges, there is also hope. Conservation is not just about preserving the natural world, but also about harnessing the power of humanity to protect our planet for future generations and perhaps above all give the next generations a chance of life on Earth.



We are delighted to share that we have agreed an incredible partnership with the country’s leading sustainable bank, Triodos Bank, to help us further Scale Conservation. With the backing of a £20.55m loan facility from Triodos, we have acquired 23,000 acres in Scotland – consisting of 11,407-acres of Langholm Moor, known as Blackburn and Hartsgarth, and a 11,626-acre estate at Invergeldie, near Comrie in Perthshire – marking a landmark conservation-focused commercial debt package . This additional investment will allow us deliver real change on the ground at these two incredible sites and to continue purchasing land at an unprecedented pace and scale.

In the same way that Oxygen Conservation is changing conservation, Triodos is changing what it means to be a bank. That’s why, when we were looking for someone to partner with to put together a significant, conservation-focused debt package, there was only one answer. It’s only by creating these types of funding packages and frameworks with respected financial institutions, that people can have the confidence to allow private finance to flow into natural capital at scale – thereby funding the protection of the natural world. We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Triodos for their passion, vision and commitment to making this possible.



In the same way that we have redefined what was once thought possible in terms of the scale and speed of land acquisition for conservation, we are committed to growing the natural capital market. We recognise the importance of both financial products and services in this process, and the transparency, auditability and credibility these demand.

We’re delighted that Triodos have the desire and trust to structure an innovative lending package linked to natural capital development. In partnership with Triodos and our investors, we will develop several of the key instruments and metrics that future conservation projects seeking private investment will need to demonstrate, creating a framework that we intend to share publicly to help others Scale Conservation.

Enhanced Risk Management: Conservation projects often involve inherent risk, such as regulatory changes, ecosystem uncertainties, and social impact. We need to create a shared understanding and language to allow environmental and financial professionals to jointly consider, understand and evaluate these risks.

Transparent Reporting: Ensuring the transparency of project risks, financial performance, and outcomes allows investors to assess the risks accurately. Traditional approaches to reporting used in the environment sector do not have the detail, timeliness, or level of quantification required to inform decision making in the financial sector. We’re working with incredible operational professionals, data scientists, economists and environmental experts to radically improve risk management and reporting.

Investor Confidence: Private investors, including financial institutions, require confidence in the scale and credibility of conservation projects.. There is a growing interest in investing in the environment sector through natural capital, but few financial institutions want to move first. Being the first comes with increased risk whereas there is safety and security in numbers. Creating a track record of successful delivery and performance brings credibility and is fundamental to attracting private finance, as investors seek projects that align with their sustainability goals and generate positive environmental, social, and financial outcomes.

Mobilising More Capital: Transparent and credible conservation projects can act as a catalyst for attracting more private capital – we need to work together to build momentum. Successful projects with transparent reporting create positive examples and best practices that inspire other investors to follow suit. This can lead to increased mobilisation of private finance for conservation, unlocking additional capital to address the significant financial requirements of conservation projects worldwide.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: Private investors are increasingly seeking to invest in projects that generate measurable and meaningful environmental and social impacts. The transparent and quantitative impact measurement and reporting frameworks we will design and develop with Triodos and our other partners will enable investors to assess the effectiveness of conservation projects. They will also help conservation organisations to demonstrate the positive outcomes of their projects, which can further attract additional private finance and support future fundraising.

When we founded Oxygen Conservation, we committed to Scaling Conversation, not just our own business. We need to grow the entire conservation sector and grow natural capital markets. it is only by doing so that we can hope to mobilise the significant private sector investment we need to have a chance at fighting against climate change, and the biodiversity crisis. The planet needs all the help it can get and we’re delighted to have Triodos as a key delivery partner in our journey.


Rich Stockdale
Founder & Managing Director