Inspiring Change: Oxygen Conservation’s Approach to Leading Biodiversity Net Gain

Spring 2024

What is BNG?

In an era where environmental and social impacts are paramount in shaping a sustainable future, the emphasis on Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) has never been more critical! BNG is an innovative environmental policy framework that mandates any development project to leave biodiversity in a better state than before. This approach ensures that when land is developed, a quantifiable improvement to biodiversity is achieved, compensating for the impacts of development, and fostering a net positive outcome for nature.

Why is BNG Necessary?

The necessity of BNG arises from the urgent need to address the ongoing global biodiversity crisis, exacerbated by habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and other anthropogenic factors. By integrating BNG into development projects, we not only mitigate the adverse effects of construction and land use change but also contribute proactively to the restoration and enhancement of natural habitats and ecosystems. This is crucial for maintaining ecological balance, supporting ecosystem services, and ensuring the resilience of our natural environments against the backdrop of increasing environmental volatility.


The Oxygen Conservation Approach

Recognising this imperative, we’re committed to advancing conservation-focused BNG credits that not only champion biodiversity and bioabundance but also set a new aspirational and inspirational benchmark in the industry. Through our purpose-driven, ambitious, and impactful initiatives, we aim to redefine the possibilities of BNG, demonstrating how targeted, large-scale conservation efforts can yield substantial environmental benefits and foster a regenerative relationship between people and the planet.

Our Purpose-Driven Approach

At the heart of our mission is the unwavering commitment to delivering positive environmental and social impacts. This commitment shapes our conservation-centric approach to BNG, where the generation of credits is a direct result of the substantial positive changes we catalyse for biodiversity. Our dedication ensures a sustainable future, harmonising the well-being of people and wildlife.

Ambition that Inspires

Our projects are synonymous with ambition, innovation, and healing. They redefine the scope of what BNG can accomplish, aspiring to ignite a broader movement toward environmental stewardship. Our portfolio spans an array of initiatives, from river restorations and wetland creations to large-scale rewilding, all designed to rejuvenate the natural world and inspire collective action for biodiversity.

Impactful Conservation at Scale

Distinct from conventional, fragmented BNG endeavours, our projects are comprehensive, landscape-level restoration schemes. This ‘bigger, better, more connected’ strategy amplifies our conservation impact, transcending the limitations of smaller, isolated efforts and driving meaningful change across vast ecosystems.

Proactive Timing for Greater Impact

Our habitat banks epitomise proactive conservation. By initiating restoration works from day one, we eschew the delays typical of contingent, sale-dependent projects. This foresight accelerates biodiversity benefits, responding urgently to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss.

Assured Delivery through Proactive Engagement

Our proactive, conservation-led approach instils confidence in the timely delivery and efficacy of our BNG units. By the time of sale, tangible conservation work is already underway, providing a solid foundation for the ongoing restoration journey.

Immersive Engagement for Deeper Connections

We extend the invitation to experience our conservation impact first-hand through various engagement channels, including guided tours, eco-trails, and wild camping. These experiences not only deepen the connection with nature but also allow stakeholders to witness the evolving success of their investments.

Broad-Spectrum Impact and Transparency

Our projects resonate across nine United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, delivering multifaceted impacts that are meticulously quantified and reported. This holistic view, paired with our commitment to transparency, offers stakeholders a comprehensive insight into the positive change they are part of, leveraging diverse media to celebrate and share our collective achievements.

Permanence and Professional Excellence

Our dedication to permanence is reflected in our ownership and stewardship of the land, ensuring enduring conservation outcomes. Supported by an award-winning team, we uphold the highest standards across all facets of our work, from scheme design to legal and safety protocols, ensuring our contributions to biodiversity are both significant and sustained.

Our Habitat Banks

We have three incredible habitat banks currently under development including the Mornacott Estate in South Molton (Devon), Manor Farm in Shropham (Norfolk), and Siblyback in Cornwall. Collectively these will produce more than 1,000 BNG units across a wide range of habitat types.

Inspiring & Elevating

In championing market-leading BNG credits, we not only advance conservation and biodiversity efforts but also set a new industry standard for environmental responsibility. Through ambition, scale, and unwavering commitment, we are not just participating in the market; we are leading it, forging a path toward a richer, more resilient natural world for generations to come.

How to Find Out More

Please get in touch here if you’d like to find out more about our work and to preregister to be considered as a future natural capital buyer.