The Organisation of the Non-Obvious

Spring 2024

In the face of the biggest parallel challenges of our time, climate collapse and the biodiversity crisis, we need an entire new set of tools and techniques to help the natural world fight back against our exploitation and abuse.

At Oxygen Conservation, we have embraced this mandate by instituting practices and strategies that many might consider nonobvious, especially to the traditional conservationist.

These ideas, innovations, and actions are fundamental to our work to Scale Conservation delivering positive environmental and social impact, and generating a profit as a result of what we do and not the purpose.

Big Data Analysis

We’re a data company. We have built the most incredible array of data tools and techniques allowing us to develop a propriety approach to landscape assessment and acquisition. We have organised and integrated a huge range of environmental, spatial, temporal, and financial data to underpin everything we do. This, combined with photogrammetry, photography, video, audio, podcasts, and written materials, redefines what is possible from a conservation organisation.

Innovative Land Acquisition

Our land acquisition strategy is predicated on identifying and transforming undervalued or neglected areas into vibrant ecosystems. We don’t just look for the close, the nearby, or the visibly beautiful. By focusing on these nonobvious choices, we unlock the potential for significant ecological restoration, turning overlooked lands into new and improving habitats and thriving ecosystems.

Natural Capital Financing

We are leveraging the concept of natural capital to sustain our conservation initiatives. By quantifying the ecosystem services our projects provide, we create a viable financial model that reinvests nature’s dividends back into its preservation, demonstrating that economic and environmental interests can not only align but also thrive together.

Holistic Restoration Projects

Our project portfolio spans a diverse array of initiatives, from peatland restoration to afforestation and renewable energy. This holistic approach ensures we address many more of the challenges associated with environmental degradation simultaneously, showcasing the interconnectedness of our ecosystems and our multifaceted strategy in nurturing them.

Regenerative Practices

At the heart of our operations are regenerative practices that enhance soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. By helping the land heal itself through these methods, we not only restore ecosystems but also pave the way for sustainable land use that future generations can inherit and build upon.

Biodiversity Advocacy

Our commitment to biodiversity goes beyond mere conservation; it is an advocacy for the intrinsic value of all life forms. We champion the preservation of a myriad of species and habitats, not simply prioritising single species, and advocate for those especially neglected in mainstream conservation dialogues, underlining the richness and complexity of nature.

Forward-Thinking Partnerships

Collaboration is key to our strategy, and we choose partners who share our vision and values. Our alliances with wonderful businesses like Oxygen House, Triodos Bank, Burges Salmon, and Galbraiths as well as charities like the Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Rivers’ Trusts and so many others exemplify this ethos, combining resources and expertise to foster sustainable environmental solutions.

Radical Transparency

Radical transparency underpins our operational ethos. By maintaining honesty, clarity, and accountability in our actions, we not only foster trust among our stakeholders but are also trying to reset a benchmark for integrity in the conservation sector. One of the most popular things we’ve done is organise the list of ways we have and continue to be criticised – you can read some of our favourites here.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe in the power of knowledge to inspire and enact change. Through our website, podcast, and long-form publications we organise, categorise, and share our learnings and insights, engaging with the wider community to foster a collective understanding and appreciation of conservation’s critical role.

Scalable Impact

Over the past two years, we’ve acquired ten wonderful Estates totalling almost 30,000 acres. Our model is designed to demonstrate adaptability and replication, allowing us to amplify our impact across different ecosystems and geographies. This scalability ensures that the lessons we learn and the successes we achieve can serve as blueprints for broader environmental stewardship.

Cross-Sector Engagement

We extend our collaborative efforts beyond the environmental sector, engaging with diverse industries to integrate conservation into various facets of society and the economy. This includes advocating for better access and enjoyment of the environment by working with Camp Wild, through to supporting Regenerative

Agricultural working with the incredible Brewer Family at Wood Advent Farm, and committing to Renewable Energy development by working with Low Carbon. We believe that cross-sector engagement fosters innovative solutions and broadens the scope of our impact.

Adaptive Land Management

Our adaptive management practices are responsive to evolving environmental data and research, ensuring our conservation methods are both effective and resilient. This approach allows us to navigate the complexities of ecosystem restoration with agility and informed precision.

Ecotourism Initiatives

Integrating ecotourism into our land management practices offers a dual benefit: it educates and engages guests while generating funds that are reinvested into conservation. These initiatives exemplify how environmental stewardship can coexist with economic viability. As we develop our own unique ecotourism offerings, we’ve added beautiful holiday cottages at Mornacott in Devon and the award winning Wild with Nature glamping experience at Manor Farm in Norfolk.

Renewable Energy Integration

Incorporating renewable energy into our conservation lands not only reduces our carbon footprint but also exemplifies our commitment to helping in the process of transitioning to Net Zero. This integration demonstrates the synergies between conserving natural habitats and advancing renewable energy technologies – progress in the environment sector is so often about contradictions and compromises and advocating for green infrastructure within the natural environment is perhaps the best example of that.

Innovative Technology Use

We harness cutting-edge technologies to enhance our conservation efforts, utilising data analytics, remote sensing, drones, AI, and other tools to monitor, analyse, and optimise our acquisition and land management progress. This technological integration and organisation underscore our commitment to precision and efficiency in our mission.

Organising the Nonobvious

In orchestrating this symphony of nonobvious elements into a coherent and innovative business model, we hope we’ve exemplified a pioneering approach to environmental regeneration and conservation. By harnessing big data analytics for enhanced landscape assessment, pioneering unconventional land acquisition strategies, leveraging natural capital for sustainable financing, and implementing holistic restoration practices, we have crafted a greenprint for the future of conservation that is as ingenious as it is impactful. Their commitment to regenerative practices, biodiversity advocacy, radical transparency, and knowledge sharing not only redefines the conservation paradigm but also demonstrates a robust business model that is adaptable, scalable, and deeply integrated with various sectors. This model not only fosters cross-sector engagement and adaptive land management but also integrates ecotourism and renewable energy initiatives, positioning the organization at the forefront of the global transition to a more sustainable and equitable relationship with our planet.

Through these multifaceted efforts, we intend to not only address the critical environmental challenges of our time but also showcase how aligning ecological integrity with innovative business practices can create a resilient, thriving, and sustainable future, as part of a genuine natural capital economy.


Rich Stockdale
Founder & Managing Director