The Urgent Call to Be Kind: Battling Climate Change, Biodiversity Crisis, and Our Collective Concerns

Winter 2024

In these times of turmoil, as both humanity and our fragile planet face the relentless onslaught of climate change and the painful erosion of biodiversity, it’s abundantly clear that we all share a sense of dread, a profound fear that casts a darkening shadow over us. However, now more than ever, we must grasp the power of kindness as a beacon of hope. Kindness toward our natural world, the creatures that call it home, and, most crucially, towards one another. This is the call for forging a brighter and more regenerative / sustainable path forward. There is no more time for fighting!

The Collective Fear

In the looming shadow of climate change and the heart-breaking loss of biodiversity, a shared sense of fear is beginning to unite people worldwide. This fear, as diverse as the faces of humanity, manifests in an array of emotions, from outrage to anger, and from melancholy to, hopefully, the resilient glimmers of hope. Our planet, its ecosystems, the creatures that grace it, and the future generations we all hold dear stand on the precipice of peril. In these trying times, our fears can render us motionless, paralysing our resolve in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. Yet, they can also serve as the seeds of positive change and transformation, if we choose to nurture them. Throughout history, we have always risen to the heights of the greatest challenges and this is the greatest we’ve ever known.

Kindness Towards Nature

To confront the existential threats of climate change and biodiversity loss, we must begin by extending kindness to nature, the very foundation of our existence. Regrettably, our actions have brought nature to the brink, perhaps even beyond. The time has come to display acts of kindness towards our world. We must adopt a regenerative way of life, drastically reducing our carbon footprint, embracing renewable energy, and minimising our consumption and waste – we have taken far too much for far too long. Furthermore, we must become diligent stewards of the finite resources we have left and find new and innovative ways to grow the circular economy. It also means protecting precious places and spaces, preserving and restoring ecosystems, planting trees and restoring peatland. In this, we return to the Earth its very breath, its lungs, ensuring it remains a sanctuary for generations to come. Kindness towards nature is uniquely a concurrent form of self and selfless preservation, ensuring that the planet remains habitable for generations to come.

Kindness Towards Wildlife

The intricate tapestry of our natural world relies on the participation of every species, each contributing a unique role. Biodiversity’s perilous decline endangers countless creatures, subjecting them to untold suffering. To express kindness towards wildlife is to embark on a tireless mission to protect and preserve their habitats. Presently, regulations are largely absent, almost completely ineffective, and often unenforced. We must acknowledge that nature is not just a resource to be consumed but a treasury of irreplaceable value. By making the preservation of wildlife habitats a profitable endeavour, we can halt the massacre of creatures great and same, putting an end to the illegal (and legal) wildlife trade. Support for organisations dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing injured and endangered animals is a testament to our collective kindness, albeit I wish it wasn’t necessary. Kindness towards wildlife necessitates a fundamental shift in our approach to coexistence, recognising that human interference has distorted ecosystems. We must strive for a harmonious balance where both human and animal life can flourish. In this, we must be prepared to make concessions and sacrifices, for we have compelled nature to bend to our will for far too long.

Kindness Towards Each Other

In times shrouded in fear and uncertainty, we must remember we’re not alone, albeit many feel they are, especially those who feel unable to contribute to the battle in their everyday lives or careers. Kindness towards one another acts as the adhesive that bonds our communities and societies together. A collaborative effort is imperative to effectively combat climate change and biodiversity loss. Fostering an environment of mutual understanding and cooperation is paramount. In the spirit of togetherness, we can pool knowledge, resources, and strategies to usher in an era of regeneration – it is one of the main reasons we try to be as open and transparent as possible in everything we do. Kindness has the transformative power to bridge political divides (and we are certainly divided at the moment), unearthing common ground for addressing the challenges that collectively confront us, rewriting the chapters of our shared story for the better.

The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Kindness, like the ripples in a sadly too often now eutrophic pond, has the potential to bring about profound change. When we extend our kindness to nature, wildlife, and each other, we set in motion a chain reaction of positive actions. These acts of kindness inspire others to follow suit, compounding compassion and collective responsibility. Whether it’s planting a tree, endorsing regenerative and sustainable initiatives, or extending a helping hand or kind word to a friend (or foe), every act of kindness contributes to a future that gleams just a little brighter and hopefully more sustainable.

World Kindness Day

Long ago, I pledged to speak candidly about the challenges besieging our natural world, harnessing my fortunate position at Oxygen Conservation to try and act as an activist founder. My goal was to be a force of change, to Scale Conservation, and to ensure a future for my children. As we confront the pressing issues of climate change and biodiversity breakdown, let us embrace our fears, allowing them to drive us toward positive change. Kindness, directed toward nature, wildlife, and each other, stands as a potent instrument that can usher in transformation, nurture our environment, and strengthen the bonds uniting us all. It’s time to rise above our fears, working hand in hand to craft a world where kindness reigns supreme, leading us towards a brighter, more regenerative future for generations yet to come.

Happy World Kindness Day from everyone at Oxygen Conservation.


Rich Stockdale
Managing Director