Our Story, Our Approach

Winter 2023

Oxygen Conservation’s purpose is to Scale Conservation. Delivering projects that are commercially viable, generating a positive financial and environmental return on investment. Philanthropy can only take us so far, and as the world is burning there is no time for procrastination. There is no time for fighting: we need to come together to do what is best for the environment, biodiversity, us and the planet.

We want to ensure there are spaces left on this planet for both people and the environment to ensure there is a fighting chance for the next generation.

We’re privately funded for the acquisition of sites nationally, each with a different landscape character, geology, habitat, and environmental legacy. We’re protecting what’s native to that site and allowing for nature to flourish, by removing threats and dangers to their ecological and environmental balance, be that invasive species or incorrect land management practices.

These sites will still be accessible to the community, many even more so than before.  We wish to work with the local economy by providing employment in conservation activities while still enabling the land to be sustainably and regeneratively farmed by those who are custodians of the environment.

Our model for revenue generation is to build and grow our natural capital stock. By looking after the land in the right way, with the right selection of enterprise in the space, we can make it commercially viable to both protect and enhance the environment.

This doesn’t mean planting trees everywhere and anywhere. We must treat sites individually and respect their unique characteristics, in the same way we would with each person we meet. This might mean a mixture of agriculture, ecotourism, production of natural capital products, carbon sequestration or sustainable development.

Focusing solely on maximising carbon capture risks creating monoculture at the expense of wider habitat improvement.

Doing the right thing is the foundation upon which we have built our business.


Elly Steers
Marketing Manager