Carbon Storage

We are dedicated to protecting and enhancing existing carbon stores, such as ancient woodlands and deep peatlands, while also increasing carbon sequestration through natural woodland regeneration, targeted tree planting, and peatland restoration.

As part of our commitment to restoring natural processes and ecosystems, we will embrace the opportunities for natural woodland colonisation. We believe that this approach can help create resilient and sustainable environments that support biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and other valuable ecological services.

Additionally, we are partnering with leading organisations, such as the Woodland Trust and Forestry Commission, to create new woodland areas through targeted tree planting. We recognise the importance of selecting the right tree species for each location and ensuring that planting occurs at the optimal time, which maximises the potential for habitat restoration.

Our approach to woodland creation is centred on creating essential habitats for wildlife, enhancing biodiversity, and promoting carbon sequestration and storage. We are committed to ensuring that all new planting activities align with our core values and contribute positively to our goals of Scaling Conservation and seeing the restoration of natural processes.