E31: Lisa Pinney

From Barriers to Bridges

10th March 2024 | 49 minutes

Lisa Pinney is the Chief Executive of the Coal Authority, a pivotal organisation addressing the environmental and public safety legacy of mining.

In an enlightening episode, Lisa invites listeners into her life’s journey, revealing the layers of challenges she’s faced—from confronting ageism, sexism and homophobia in the workplace to overcoming personal adversity and simply embracing her true self. Her story is a testament to unwavering resilience, shaped by a deep commitment to her values, her desire to enact positive change, and her dedication to living authentically.

Lisa recounts the evolution of her career, highlighting the transformative shift in her latest role. As the first woman and notably the first from the environment sector at the helm of the Coal Authority, she has introduced innovative perspectives and championed significant advancements. Her leadership is not just about policy or strategy; it’s about embodying the change she aspires to see and setting a new standard for inclusivity and sustainability in the sector.

Her journey is more than inspiring—it’s a powerful call to action for anyone seeking to make a difference in their community and beyond.

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