E37: Duncan Grossart

Journeys With Purpose

14th April 2024 | 47 minutes

Duncan Grossart, the visionary behind Journeys With Purpose, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the realm of conservation. From his early adventures traversing Africa and India during his teenage years to his academic pursuits in zoology, Duncan’s journey has been fuelled by a deep connection to the natural world.

After heading to London and setting up his own media company Duncan recognised the vital role media and events play in supporting conservation efforts, and from which he embarked on a mission to assist conservationists in amplifying their message.

In 2019, Duncan took his commitment to the next level by establishing Journeys With Purpose. Through this platform, he endeavours to curate unforgettable conservation experiences, forging meaningful connections between people and nature. By showcasing remarkable achievements in conservation and providing opportunities for others to witness them first-hand, Duncan aims to inspire a new generation of advocates for the natural world.

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