E42: Crawford Mackay

Acres of Expertise

19th May 2024 | 70 minutes

Crawford Mackay, a partner at Galbraith, is deeply entrenched in the world of Land and Rural property. Born and raised in the picturesque west coast of Scotland, his love for rural landscapes has been a lifelong affair.

Crawfords journey began with a scholarship in Rugby that took him to a boarding school in Edinburgh, an experience that opened his eyes to the vast possibilities beyond the rugby field. Despite initially following in his father’s footsteps to pursue a degree in Finance with Investment Management, Crawford soon realised that his heart lay in the rural sector. Fuelling his passion, he pursued a Masters in Rural Estate Management, a decision that set the course for his career.

Eager to gain practical experience, Crawford went on to gain work experience, and this started with Galbraith, where he honed his skills and climbed the ranks. While he ventured away for other opportunities, Scotland’s call eventually brought him back to Galbraith’s fold.

In this engaging episode, Rich and Crawford delve into their experiences exploring diverse properties, Crawford and Galbraith’s pivotal role in enabling Oxygen Conservation’s success stories, and their insights into the evolving landscape of rural land across the UK.

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