E43: Merlin Carnegie

Powering Tomorrow

26th May 2024 | 41 minutes

Merlin Carnegie, the Business Development Manager at Low Carbon, is a force driving sustainable change in the energy sector. With a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, Merlin’s journey to his current role wasn’t straightforward. Despite realising that traditional civil engineering wasn’t his true passion, he remained steadfast in his commitment to renewable energy, pivoting his studies towards this field.

His dedication led him to pursue a Master’s in Sustainable Engineering, specialising in Renewable Energy Systems & The Environment. Not wishing to leave Scotland but eager to delve deeper into renewable energy, Merlin sought opportunities in London, where his path intersected with Low Carbon.

Join Rich and Merlin in this episode as they delve into the dynamic growth of Low Carbon and the broader renewable energy sector across the UK and beyond. Merlin sheds light on the intricate process of project development, offering insights into the steps involved in bringing renewable energy projects to fruition.

Throughout the conversation, Merlin highlights both the challenges and the immense potential that renewables hold for our planet’s future. He discusses how these initiatives align with conservation objectives, illustrating the synergy between Oxygen Conservation and Low Carbon’s mission.

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