E44: Rebecca Broad

Living in Balance

2nd June 2024 | 50 minutes

Bex Broad is a dedicated trustee of the Wildlife Trust and a seasoned freelance social media manager. Born in Blackpool and primarily raised in Leicestershire, Bex developed a profound appreciation for the outdoors from a young age. Her childhood, characterised by adventures in nature, inspired her passion for environmental conservation. This led to her involvement with the Wildlife Trust, driven by a desire to preserve natural spaces for future generations. Bex’s academic journey mirrored her environmental interests, focusing on biological sciences.

As a digital nomad, Bex has lived in various co-living spaces across Europe, advocating for sustainable living and community-focused lifestyles. Her commitment to conservation and community extends to her professional endeavours, where she balances multiple roles and projects with a disciplined approach. Bex emphasises the importance of intentionality in time management, particularly in avoiding burnout. Her role as a trustee for the Devonshire Wildlife Trust has also highlighted the value of diverse perspectives in organisational governance, contributing significantly to both her personal growth and the effectiveness of the boards she serves on.

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