E45: Rob March

Growing Beard's Vision

9th June 2024 | 49 minutes

Rob March is the founder and Managing Director of Beard, an independent creative agency with a focus on brands through core offerings of design, development and illustration. With a steadfast dedication to excellence, Rob has propelled Beard from humble beginnings to collaborating with a wide variety of clients, from local barbershops and law firms to large multinational brands such as Microsoft and Red Bull – all while not forgetting the incredible work they have done in supporting us! Originally from further north, Rob has now settled down in Worcester where and he and his team are based. Rob’s journey reflects a remarkable blend of ambition, resilience, and unwavering passion. He’s also confident that he’s hit one of Rich’s cricket deliveries for six – something that Rich would vehemently deny!

In this episode Rob and Rich discuss the chapters of life that led Rob to setting up Beard, his boundless creativity and commitment pushing the boundaries, and his desire to keep moving forward!

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