Natural Capital

We are growing natural capital at scale

Natural capital is the parts of nature such as forests, water, soils, and oceans that provide benefits to us, from providing food, water, and energy, to removing carbon from the atmosphere, and creating opportunities for recreation. Sadly, despite the importance of natural capital to every part of our society, it is facing a long term and catastrophic decline.

Governments have tried and failed to halt this decline, and we believe that it is time for the private sector to start making a positive impact.

We are a business that is committed to Scaling Conservation in order to deliver positive environmental and social impact, in an attempt to reverse this decline.

To do this we are growing a portfolio of unique land holdings, each with a different geography, environment, ecology, and set of land management challenges.

At each site we are demonstrating that the restoration and management of natural capital can deliver significant positive environmental and social impact, while generating an economic return as a result not as the purpose of what we do.

The Natural Environment is the most valuable asset we have

We believe in long term sustainability, with each of our projects targeting a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals to provide environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

This means adopting land management practices which not only protect rare and endangered habitats and biodiversity, but also help them to expand and recover naturally over time. It means supporting rural communities by providing spaces to live, work, and play in the natural environment. And, creating a sustainable business model that delivers high quality natural capital credits alongside organic food and clean energy, while recognising that sustainability cannot be sacrificed for short term financial returns.

Find out more about the types of natural capital credits we sell through our projects.

Our Natural Capital Credits