E16: Merlin Hanbury-Tenison

Rainforests, Romance & Real Life

10th December 2023 | 37 minutes

Merlin Hanbury-Tenison isn’t your typical farmer. His mission goes beyond – to honor ancient woodlands, restore ecosystems, and share the profound restorative powers of the land. Situated on Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor, the 300-acre Cabilla farm has been a part of Merlin’s family since his father’s acquisition in 1960. Since taking over the farm in 2018, Merlin is now on a mission to make Cabilla Farm last another 1,000 year, through land restoration, tree planting, wildflower meadows, ancient woodland protection and much more.

In this episode Rich and Merlin discuss the ups and downs of life that led him to this point, the power of time in nature, his next steps as Managing Director of The Thousand Year Trust and what they both hope to see the future of Cornwall and the wider UK become.

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