Data Modelling

Portfolio Screening

We are a data company harnessing the incredible range of environment and economic data to determine natural capital potential and value at scale and at pace.

To ensure we acquire the most suitable sites for Scaling Conservation, we employ our proprietary model software that analyses 45 different Geographic Information System (GIS) layers and 16 financial simulations. This thorough evaluation generates a detailed report, which helps us determine the suitability and feasibility of a site and whether it aligns with our conservation goals.

Thanks to our advanced screening model, we can complete this evaluation process in house for all and any sites before a viewing. Furthermore, we can periodically repeat this screening on our acquired sites to evaluate the effectiveness of any conservation schemes we’ve implemented.

Our screening model is a valuable tool that enables us to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, ultimately helping us to Scale Conservation and enhance the value of our portfolio.

"We view natural capital as a fundamental concept that provides a new perspective on the world around us. It entails recognising and measuring the value of natural resources and ecosystems, such as wildlife habitat, carbon storage, and pollution removal from the air and water. Through this lens, we see the natural environment as the most precious asset we have."

Oxygen Conservation Alignment with The UN Sustainability Development Goals

We recognise that each landscape we acquire has unique sustainability targets that must align with our commitment to the sustainable development goals. Each of Oxygen Conservation’s projects directly links to the goals as indicated on the diagram below.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our approach to monitoring and reporting is grounded in data and transparency. We establish specific targets for each factor mentioned above and use them as a metric to measure our social and environmental impact.

We carefully monitor our progress against our targets to ensure that our efforts have the intended impact. We also maintain detailed records that provide proof of evidence, which demonstrates that we are meeting our outlined targets.

By adhering to our data-led and transparent approach, we strive to ensure the integrity of our work and contribute to a more sustainable future.