E22: Charles Owen

The Best Job In The World


11th January 2024 | 42 minutes

We welcome back our wonderful Mornacott Estate Manager Charles Owen to the podcast! Discover why he considers his role not just a profession but a lifestyle choice, transcending the boundaries of a typical 9-5 job.

In this episode, Charles unveils the allure of being an Estate Manager, where challenges seamlessly intertwine with adventure, real ownership and impact. With 15 years of experience, Charles shares his wealth of knowledge, demonstrating unparalleled passion, care, and an unwavering attention to detail.

Prepare to be inspired as Charles sheds light on the unique blend of dedication and fulfilment that comes with managing an estate, and gain insights into why estate management isn’t merely a career but a calling.

We are thrilled to welcome Charles back to the podcast, and he eagerly invites you to explore why the world of estate management might be your next rewarding adventure!

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