Wood Advent


Nestled on the western edge of Exmoor National Park lies Wood Advent, Higher Roadwater – a stunning 400-acre farm that’s home to a thriving organic agroforestry enterprise. This unique farm supports an incredible variety of flora, fauna, and fungi, making it a true haven for insects and local bird species. The farm is a blend of conventional arable farming, pasture and extensive areas of woodland, connected by picturesque mature hedgerows.

With this thoughtful combination of practices, under our management and in partnership with the Brewer family, Wood Advent has already transitioned to regenerative, organic food production, providing high quality local produce to the neighbouring community and improved benefits to the surrounding environment.

"The land at Wood Advent Farm presents an exceptional opportunity to pioneer a new approach to farming partnerships. Our goal is to establish a model that not only benefits the local community but can also be replicated across the country on hundreds of small to medium-sized farms. By implementing innovative techniques and leveraging sustainable practices, we aim to showcase how agriculture can be both profitable and environmentally responsible, paving the way for a more resilient and prosperous future."


Wood Advent Farm is beautifully placed at the head of the Washford Stream catchment and is encompassed by a series of unbroken and historic hedgerows. An extended wildlife and habitat assessment carried out in 2021 identified 9 different habitat types and a wonderfully diverse and extensive range of floral species. The complex and varied topography of the site is both a challenge and a feature to delivering environmental restoration in an agricultural landscape.

The farm has been in the Brewer Family for seventeen generations and we are delighted to be working in partnership with the family to continuously learn and improve our farming approach.

We are now beginning one of the largest agroforestry schemes in the region, planting around 100 acres of new native woodlands that store carbon, provide habitat for biodiversity, and produce food for the community and income for the family. This ambitious diversification is being delivered in partnership with the Woodland Trust and National Park to demonstrate how silvopasture and silvoarable farming offers a better way to work with natural processes and improve the natural environment.

We believe that to love and protect nature you have to experience it. In the future we hope to welcome new visitors to the farm through the creation of luxury, nature-led ecotourism experiences.