Please Don’t Apply for These Roles!

Summer 2023

Calling all passionate conservationists, environmental enthusiasts, and those that want to leave a positive dent in the universe! We’re humbled by the number of applications we receive for every role at Oxygen Conservation but before you jump at applying to become part of the team, we have a special request to everyone who reads this – please don’t apply for these roles!

We are continuing to grow our team to Scale Conservation; the world is burning, and as the recent Climate Change Committee Report demonstrates we aren’t doing enough in the face of the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis. As a result, we are about to launch a series of new roles to help us in the fight.

In the last two years we’ve grown from an idea to a team of twenty people and throughout the remainder of the year we will be advertising a wide range of new roles across our investment, acquisition, and delivery teams.

Everyone has been so hugely kind about Oxygen Conservation, our work, and our culture, but we recognise it isn’t for everyone. We’re different, we’re obsessive, we’re playful, and we know that’s not for everyone. So, rather than talk about the reason why you should apply I thought it might be useful to be clear on why you shouldn’t apply for these roles!

Don’t apply if you don’t love the environment.

This goes without saying…but we’re saying it anyways. The environment is at the heart of every decision we make. You need to love it, and you need to mean it!

Don’t apply if you don’t believe in trying to live more sustainably.

The first question we will ask you if you’re invited to interview is “What does living sustainability mean to you?”. Every single person in Oxygen Conversation carries the burden of the impact we are all having on the planet and are constantly looking for ways of limiting their impact and finding a more restorative way of life. If we don’t, how can we ask others to do the same?

Don’t apply if you don’t want to deliver positive impact.

We are committed to delivering positive environmental and social impact, delivering a profit as a result not the purpose of what you do. If you’re not committed to delivering positive impact, this isn’t the place for you and if you’re driven purely by money this isn’t the place for you either!

Don’t apply if you don’t want to make natural capital the world’s biggest alternative asset class.

The world is burning and using a more business-like approach to conservation can help us make a positive impact at scale and pace, for people and the environment. We know this concept is challenging for some, but if we don’t demonstrate that the environment can produce a financial return (for all stakeholders – including the planet), we can never hope to drive the significant investment we need into protecting and improving the natural world.

Don’t apply if you don’t want to work incredibly hard and continuously improve. 

We are committed to the idea that “how you do anything is how you do everything” and only hire people better than us in a meaningful way. We strive for a standard of excellence that is incredibly hard to achieve, and often uncomfortable, but is incredibly rewarding. It takes commitment and sacrifice.

We will help you continuously improve and create a culture that allows you to achieve more than you thought possible – if you’re prepared for the realities of working in a high-performance environment. To be the best you have to do what others haven’t or aren’t prepared to do – these are the people we want!

Don’t apply if you don’t like adventure. Oh, and don’t want to share food.

We’re a remote team giving you a huge amount of autonomy and flexibility. We also get to travel a lot and see it as a feature not a bug!

We believe in a life filled with adventure. As a team, we’ve been free-diving, wild swimming, and coasteering, we’ve travelled across Europe in electric vehicles, and e-biked across Scottish mountains.  If you don’t want adventure, this isn’t the place for you. Oh, and mealtimes are such a feature of our culture as a team you have to be willing to share food, especially on road trips or team dinners.

Don’t apply if you don’t want to be friends with the people you work with.

We have an incredible team of people and together we have built an amazing culture where we love spending time together – we know this doesn’t work for everyone! You need to be okay with having family-style dinners and building relationships with awesome humans. We don’t believe in a work-life balance. We believe in creating opportunities that make people’s lives better.

Don’t apply if you don’t like constant change.

We move at pace because we don’t have a choice, and its who we are. 

This means things are done quickly and change rapidly. This can feel chaotic sometimes and if you need notice, stability, and consistency, this isn’t the place for you. But there is magic, opportunity, and excitement amidst this chaos and we need people who find that culture energising.

But do apply

But do apply if you want to feel and know what you do matters, and we mean really matters! Do apply if you want to deliver positive environmental and social impact and demonstrate to the world that being a force for good can mobilise the investment we need, to give the next generation a future on this planet. And do apply if you want to work with the most incredible team of people who will do everything possible to create a place and a role for you to be happy, healthy, and achieve more than you ever thought possible. We need your help; we can only achieve great things if we have a team of great people.

Don’t just apply for a job—apply to make a difference!



Rich Stockdale
Founder & Managing Director