E46: Georgia Dent

Wild Somerset Stories

16th June 2024 | 50 minutes

Join us for an inspiring episode featuring Georgia Dent, the dynamic CEO of Somerset Wildlife Trust, as she shares her incredible journey and the impactful work she leads in promoting education, landscape improvement, and nature connectivity for the people of Somerset.

Georgia’s deep-rooted connection with nature began during her childhood in Somerset, fostering a lifelong passion for the environment. Her academic pursuits in human rights further shaped her commitment to making a difference.

Her career took a significant turn when she joined Oxfam, where she worked on their inaugural climate change campaign. This pivotal experience ignited her dedication to environmental causes, leading her to Birmingham, where she worked at Northfield Ecocentre, a hub for environmental initiatives.

Her passion for environmental improvement only continued as Georgia went on to become the Chief Executive of The Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country, championing Nature Improvement Areas, working tirelessly to create living landscapes rich in biodiversity. All whilst empowering staff and volunteers, ensuring the benefits of a thriving natural environment extended to both wildlife and local communities.

Returning to her roots sooner than expected, Georgia embraced the opportunity to lead the Somerset Wildlife Trust. In her role as CEO, she has been unwavering in her dedication to enhancing the region’s natural landscapes and fostering a strong connection between nature and the community.

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