Nestled on the outskirts of Bodmin Moor lies Siblyback Farm, a quiet, rural 968-acre farm. Bodmin Moor is a rugged, granite landscape with interesting prehistoric history and plenty of beautiful walks. Located centrally within Cornwall, there is access to stunning coastline in almost all directions, the closest being Looe to the south.

Situated within the Cornwall National Landscape, Siblyback presents an extraordinary opportunity to launch Cornwall’s largest woodland creation scheme. At its core is the restoration of one of the UK’s most rare and beautiful habitats: the temperate rainforest.

"Our vision is to restore a vast tract of one of the UK’s rarest and most precious habitats; temperate rainforest."


Siblyback Farm sits within one of the UK’s Atlantic rainforest zones which means that its climate is sufficiently rainy and mild, allowing temperate rainforests to thrive.

Consisting of 520 acres of grazing and cutting grassland and 450 acres of basic grazing land, the landscape is craving biodiversity. There is, however, a small pocket of broadleaf woodland, which presents an excellent opportunity to foster naturally regenerating wooded corridors. Moreover, with the existing ringfence, this area can be better shielded from unwanted grazing pressure, protecting our ambitious woodland creation plans.

Also offering ample opportunity are the two established ponds poised to serve as exceptional habitats for wildlife. With proper attention and care, these ponds have the potential to flourish and expand, providing even more space for diverse flora and fauna.


Our vision for Siblyback is to restore a vast tract of one the UK’s rarest and most precious habitats: temperate rainforest. To achieve this, we will build a unique coalition of conservation organisations, including the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission, the Wildlife Trusts, the Forest of Cornwall, and the Southwest Rainforest Alliance, to design one of the most ambitious nature recovery projects in the Southwest of England.

In addition to our focus on woodland restoration, we are committed to revitalising a mosaic of upland habitats, ranging from wet heath and grassland to blanket bog.

As we breathe new life into the natural environment, our aim is to reintegrate people into this landscape. We want to not only create new homes but also cultivate ecotourism opportunities that will enrich the local rural community.

Looking to the future, using the unique natural and archaeological features of this landscape, coupled with its relatively accessible location, we hope to establish a premier ecotourism destination. Our goal is to foster a profound and lasting connection between people and nature, ensuring that Siblyback remains a beacon of conservation and inspiration for generations to come.