E26: Lara Salam

Mapping the future of Conservation

4th February 2024 | 42 minutes

Lara is our wonderful Spatial and GIS data expert at Oxygen Conservation.

Lara’s role is pivotal, as she dives deep into the world of spatial data, intertwining both internal insights and external resources to highlight the critical information that steers our conservation strategies and land management decisions.

Lara not only spends time managing, understanding and processing data, she also possesses a unique talent for transforming complex datasets into visually stunning and easily digestible content, making the science of conservation accessible and engaging to all.

We cannot wait to share more of her work more publicly throughout our website this year.

In this episode Lara shares her journey to finding Oxygen Conservation, what she loves most about her role and where she hopes to take it in the future – she also shares a little about her many amazing adventures.

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