E36: Evelyn Channing

Agency for Change

7th April 2024 | 60 minutes

Evelyn Channing is the Rural Agency Director at Savills, where she oversees operations spanning the entirety of Scotland’s rural land and estates from her base in Edinburgh.

Ev’s journey through life’s chapters has shaped her into the passionate professional she is today. Growing up on a family farm, she fondly recalls her childhood memories. Her time at boarding school instilled in her a love for reading and team sports, further enriching her experiences.

After graduating with a degree in Land Management from Reading, Ev embarked on her career journey with Savills, where she has remained dedicated for over three decades. Her unwavering passion for her work and the impactful contributions of her team continue to drive her forward.

In this episode, Ev offers listeners an insider’s perspective on her progression within Savills, emphasising the importance of effective mentorship and career development. She delves into the intricacies of her role as an agent, sharing invaluable tips for land buyers and insights into the evolving market landscape.

Together with Rich, they discuss the emergence of a new land buyer and the transformative impact of companies reshaping our understanding of land use, building a natural capital economy.

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